How We Work

Our Process

How We Work

It all starts with your email to us!

Sure we work in the high-tech realm but we hold to old-school business practices in the way we operate. You see we still believe in handshakes and honesty, so we like to talk… on a telephone. It may sound odd to some but we like it best this way.

So go ahead and send us an email with your phone number and a good time to call. We’ll respond with a call and see if we can work together. Maybe we can, maybe we can’t? But we’ll be honest and on the level with you. We’ll deal fairly with you, everytime.

Klondyke Options

It really depends on what you’re looking for; maybe you want a simple website built for your business, maybe you want a website with search engine optimization (SEO) included, or maybe you want all that in a more complex website with eCommerce too?

These are the kinds of things we’ll discuss in our first phone call. We’ll better understand your goals and try to offer a solution tailored to your specific needs. We’ll decide together whether one of the aforementioned solutions best fit, or whether a complete business package with mobile office & admin might be a better way to go.

But remember, most all websites start smaller and grow, and that’s what we encourage. So regardless of which solution you choose as a starting point we can always expand & scale. All of our solutions are built with this in mind. So start smallest if you’re unsure.

General Example

We can also take over support & maintenance of your existing website if needed. We offer support plans for websites we build and for websites we don’t, either way!

You’ll notice our pricing plans and perhaps wonder, so let’s clarify. Our listed pricing plans relate to ongoing support of your website, whether we build it or someone else does. Once we’ve agreed to support your website (updates, maintenance, changes, backups, etc) and an agreed upon plan, you’ll simply log into your account with us and pay each month for ongoing support. For instance, suppose we agree that our Standard Plan is best for your website. At that point we’ll take over all administration of your site and in return you’ll purchase our Standard Plan product each month.

Now suppose you want us to build you a great yet smaller website for your business and provide support ongoing? And we decide the Standard Plan is sufficient? We can do this for you (in fact this is mostly what we do).

So for each case we offer a build price (not posted on our site) and a support plan (posted). Again, for instance, suppose we tell you a website build price would be $800? You might decide to have us build it on your web host servers and hand you the keys to it (and we’re done), that would incur the $800 charge mentioned (half up front) and no further costs.

But suppose, as stated, you want us to build this same website on your existing web host servers and you want ongoing support as well (like the Standard Plan)? Well in this case you would only pay us $560 for the build (30% discount for members) and then buy our Standard Plan each month for as long as you want to continue. This way you’ll save on initial build cost and have continued support for everything. This is our no-hassle option at its best. You run your business, we run your website (as you direct).


But remember that each case is different and that we price each one individually, so yours could be more or less than the example provided. We can also mix and match, like maybe you need a smaller site but you need eCommerce too (and no SEO)? So in this case we can probably offer you the Pro Plan instead of the Ultra Plan – costing you $60/mo and not $90. Each case is different…

And it all starts with your first email to us.

We build affordable business websites (both with & without a support plan).
And we have support plans for websites built by someone else.

Let’s talk!