About Us

Klondyke Media

We think technology should make things easier.

Small business is the economic backbone of all communities, whether a large city or small rural town, small business powers it all. So we support small businesses everywhere. We both appreciate and applaud the small business owner.

We are Klondyke Media. We took our name from the Klondyke Strawberry, the produce responsible for our state’s longest running agricultural festival. We’re a small group of web & technology professionals based in the coastal Carolinas and we’ve been serving regional small businesses for over a decade.

In the beginning we worked primarily in commercial IT and later moved to the clouds. We started out building networks, computers & servers for clients and also implementing applications, training employees, and really everything tech related. But about seven or so years ago we started getting more and more customer requests for cloud solutions, and we joined in.

So over the years our work has moved away from IT and squarely into web. We call on our unique understanding of diverse business needs, and now develop web solutions for clients. Some call it business software while others call it software-as-a-service, either way.

Web-Based Solutions

We now build, implement and maintain web-based solutions ranging from website builds to digital marketing, and business software. We can help your small business. We can build a great website tailored to your specific needs (presence, leads, ecommerce, etc.), we can implement marketing campaigns on your behalf, and we can deliver a complete package for your service business if needed.

Our past experience working with commercial IT clients affords a unique perspective of multiple business operations, and as you might imagine close associations were formed with many business types. This experience gave us the opportunity to truly understand small business and its needs.

So based on this we developed a business software package that streamlines administration, making it completely mobile, with a great website included. We put it all in one place and on one screen making it super easy.

But make no mistake, great websites are what we do best. Connect with us and let us show you how our affordable business websites can help accomplish your goals. We take care of everything, we offer a hassle-free web presence for your business needs.

And let us know if music is more your game. We’re looking for new talent as we expand Klondyke Media…

Let’s talk!